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Zone: A New Magazine

Zone: A New Magazine

The first issue of a new magazine from Kent University has just appeared and it is absolutely terrific.


Edited by Kat Peddie and Eleanor Perry this first number contains work by Allen Fisher & Jeff Hilson, Denise Riley & John James, Kelvin Corcoran & Tony Lopez.


It also contains exciting new work by the Canterbury Chapter and it is very good indeed to see new poems by David Herd, Simon Smith, Juha Virtanen, Ben Hickman, Dorothy Lehane, Nancy Gaffield.


The blurb on the inside of the back cover of this polished, illustrated and handsomely printed magazine makes the collaborative nature of the enterprise very clear: ‘We have commitments and enthusiasms to and for certain writers, writings, ideas, and actions.  We wish to share these with each other and with others. Some of these commitments are political. We have chosen essayists whose poetical and political commitments we think are important. One of these commitments is to the idea of the Commons…in a common, and commonly owned, ground in which individuals come to work together.’


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  1. Rachael Charmley

    Hi. Just to let you know I’ve nominated you for a Sunshine Award. 🙂

  2. Dear David! Thanks for the posting re: ZONE–it is always good to hear of a new, fine magazine. May it survive!

    Are you / *Tears* looking for submissions at this time? I haven’t sent anything to you since you published my prosepoem (sic) “Five Sentences”.

    Very best, David

    *David Giannini* *P.O. Box 562* *Becket, MA 01223*


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