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Internet Poetry – Is It a Sub-genre of Poetry?

Technological advances mean that all aspects of life can be digitalised but is poetry published on the internet simply that or is it something that deserves its on niche?

This article attempts to shed some light on the questions.

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  1. It’s always going to be the quality of the poem that counts, whether it bounces around the technology or is just a new way of displaying traditional work. There’s stacks of poetry, excellent poetry, on the web – just look at Triggerfish, or Right Hand Pointing, or our new magazine Antiphon, We’re in the traditional camp at the moment but are exploring and considering ways in which poetry can make use of the interactions with images, tags etc. But with over 1000 unique visitors to our second issue, it’s got to be the way forward – we’re reaching a much wider audience than print magazines can usually manage, so it’s greater exposure for the poets and greater joy for the readers,

  2. if the scottish book trust is anything to go by, poetry on the net simply doesn’t exist, or, at least, it doesn’t count towards the brownie points required to be listed in their register. equally, they don’t recognise any publication of poetry outwith the scottish border. I had to withdraw my registration after many years when they discovered, despite me being scottish and living in scotland, that virtually all my work had been published outwith scotland. talk about backward! backward to the point of bigoted! so, to answer the question… internet poetry has no value when arts administrators are calvanist wankers.


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