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Poetry? There’s An App For That!

For iPad specifically. It’s described as ‘a poetry app for school-age children and for adults of any age’ and has a bushel load of features including these:

You can record yourself reading a poem.
You can email a poem and email your recording of a poem.
You can tap on any word for a dictionary definition.
You can save poems to a Favourites page.
You can search by title, author, first line or by any word.
You can get a dictionary definition of any word.

Go check it out. So far, so good and innovative. Now all I have to do is save up for an iPad!

Internet Poetry – Is It a Sub-genre of Poetry?

Technological advances mean that all aspects of life can be digitalised but is poetry published on the internet simply that or is it something that deserves its on niche?

This article attempts to shed some light on the questions.

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