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Charles Bukowski States His Terms For an Out of State Poetry Reading

You’ve got to read this. I defy it not to make you smile. It made me laugh. It’s in true, inimitable Bukowski style. 

Charles Bukowski’s 1971 letter outlines terms for poetry reading – Boing Boing.

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  1. Sheila Hamilton

    I love the “I promise not to be OVERLY intoxicated at the reading”. (My capitals)

    • Me too, Sheila! That was the part that made me laugh the most!

      Thanks for your comment. You’re the first person who has commented directly on the blog rather than by other means. Really appreciate you taking the time.


      • Sheila Hamilton

        Other means ?

        I also felt like commenting on the equally hilarious (in a different kind of way) letter by the scion of North Korea’s ruling family, but didn’t want to “hog” the comments !

        All the best


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