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When Poets Think In Numbers

In our intrepid trawl around the web to find interesting titbits of news relating to poetry, we’ve stumbled on something of a trend. There seem to be a lot of people contemplating and writing about poetry in relation to numbers or poetry vis a vis mathematics.

Maybe it’s inaccurate to call it a trend because it was probably always lurking on the internet and only became apparent when we went looking for poetry news. Even so, a lot of people, some of them eminent and far from geeky, are talking about it lately if the number of websites featuring the subject is anything to go by.

So here are some links to get you counting, calculating and calibrating:

1. Over at, Carol Dorf summarises Why Poets Sometimes Think In Numbers.

2. On the same website, Mary Cresswell expounds on Duffy’s introduction with her poem Gigabyte.

3. JoAnne Growney’s blogspot Poetry With Mathematics has Ode to a Triangular Matrix by Dan Kalman

4. At poetry and prose webzine Ink, Sweat and Tears, Dorothy Fryd’s prose poem, Π, talks sets out why she got the symbol for a tattoo.

5. And yours truly got in on the act for Brand Literary Magazine with my poem Self Portrait as a Creature of Numbers.


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