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We’re All Digital for Issue 54

The handsome cover of Issue 54

It’s here at last! As we write, Tears in the Fence Issue 54 is winging its way to many corners of the globe. If that wasn’t enough, it also coincides with the launch of brand, spanking new website. The one your looking at now. Much to like. Right?

We hope that our digital revolution will bring us into better contact with our readers and subscribers and beyond. We’ve certainly got the tools to make it happen, just look at the sidebar on the right of the website. Yep, all sorts of ways that you can connect with us – Facebook, Twitter, newsletter, subsription, donation or just a little wave hello on the contact page. Or even here on this little blog via the comments. It’s been a long, long time coming. Too long. But we are here now so go on, give us a click!

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