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The Son of a Shoemaker

The Son of a Shoemaker

Linda Black’s new publication from Hearing Eye Press, The Son of a Shoemaker, has just arrived and I note that Robert Vas Dias has written the blurb for the back:


‘Make no mistake: this is poetry of the highest order. Black is without doubt one of Britain’s foremost experimental writers. These enchanting / enchanted short pieces, based on collaging or treating the text of a fictionalised biography of Hans Christian Andresen, slip in and out of conscious understanding without compromising that essential kernel of awareness and apperception which characterises the best poetry.’


Robert’s own Perdika Press volume, London Cityscape Sijo, is reviewed in the forthcoming issue 56 of Tears in the Fence and Linda Black’s new volume is being reviewed by Dzifa Benson for Tears 57.

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