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Mentoring Services

Mentoring Services

If you have a troubling collection or are uncertain about your literary work and the way forward, why not use the Tears in the Fence Mentoring and Critical Appraisal services? The editors, Louise Buchler and David Caddy offer a range of services in poetry, fiction, drama, performance, scriptwriting and voice work.

Playwright, Performance Studies Lecturer, actress and poet, Louise Buchler is offering Mentoring in Scriptwriting and Verse Drama under the same scheme. She has more than twelve years of experience lecturing in Writing for both Stage and Screen. She made the shortlist for the National Theatre London’s Africa Playwriting Competition recognising her as one of the top twenty playwrights on the African continent. Her plays have been widely performed. Her poetry has been published in Tears in the Fence and various publications in South Africa. Louise is also available for Performance and Voice coaching. Please email Louise at

Poet, essayist and editor, David Caddy offers critical appraisals and mentoring in Poetry, Flash Fiction and Publication for other literary genres and projects. This involves taking a manuscript from first draft to publication, advising on where to send your work and the range of available options for a prospective poet and author.

Recent comments on their mentoring include:

‘I think you’ve both given me some excellent points to think about, particularly with regard to tightening up the poems and perhaps even switching up the order. Joanna Nissel

‘David and Louise offer a wonderful critical and supportive service at a moderate price. They provide detailed appraisals with follow-up conversations and have considerably helped my progress in a challenging area.’ Jasmina Bolfek-Radovani

‘The appraisals from David and Louise were thoughtful and precise. Their feedback ranged from specific matters of craft to the broader question of how I might take my writing forward. They responded to the work on its own terms and even picked up on recurring motifs and concerns I hadn’t been aware of myself.’ Phil Baber

‘David’s critical appraisals are immeasurably helpful. His work
towards my first full collection was immensely useful.’ Jessica Mookherjee

‘David’s close and perceptive reading of each poem, help with ordering and sequencing my pamphlet collections, and support with my first full collection has been enormous. I thoroughly recommend his critical and mentoring services.’ Geraldine Clarkson

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