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Reports of Poetry’s Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated According to the Washington Post

“Is poetry dead? Or, in the age of the internet, does it offer us what nothing else can?” is the perennial question that leads this five page article in the Washington Post by Lauren Wilcox. We blogged about the preview of it last week.

It’s great to see so much space given to consideration of the question on the Washington Post’s website but can anyone across the pond in America tell us if it was given as much space in the physical magazine? We hope so although we fear that might not be the case.

From The Washington Post – Today’s Poetry: Finding Its Way

Simply because we love that the Washington Post has combined pictures and words, the past and the present, academic and spoken word poetry to address the question implicit in its assertion: “To say that poetry no longer matters is a gross misreading of the facts.”

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